Travel Hints

Holiday Hints
Make sure your time away from home is as incident free as possible. Here are some hints to help you to make the most of your holiday.


Before you go
If you are travelling to Spain, you should pick up an E111 from any Post office. If used, it will mean any excess on your insurance for medical claims will be waived
Leave in plenty of time to get to the airport/port by the stated check-in time
Don't forget your E111

In addition to comprehensive travel insurance, don't forget to bring your E111 form, which entitles UK citizens to free, or reduced rate State medical care in the EU. Some travel insurance policies specifically request this. You can pick up the registration form at the Post Office. And although the form is to be replaced by the new, European health insurance card in 2006, if you tick the relevant box on your form it will be issued to you automatically.


Whilst you're there
Always check that the tap water is drinkable
Avoid raw or under-cooked food
Don  t leave your baggage or valuables unattended at any time, especially at airports and hotels (valuables must be kept in a fixed, locked receptacle)
The sun abroad can be much stronger than you are used to at home. To prevent sunburn and sunstroke always apply protective creams regularly
Always retain all receipts for medical expenses
Report losses/theft to the Police immediately and obtain a copy of the report
Make sure you take your insurance details with you


The know before you go travellers  checklist
Take some back-up funds for your trip e.g. travellers cheques, Sterling.
Ensure you have a valid passport and necessary visa(s)
Research your destination, e.g.laws, driving and culture
Take a guide/phrase book
Leave a copy of important information (passport, ticket etc.) at home or with a trusted friend
Avoid trouble spots
Make sure family and friends know where you are
Check health advice at